Midwest Navioneers

Bihler-Jachman Navion This Navion in military paint is restored and flown by Dick Bihler and Paul Jachman, both former military and airline pilots. The narration is by Dick Bihler.
Lyle Navion Steve Lyle, a retired military and civilian pilot, talks about his Navion. It has a large engine and moves quite fast.
Zavada Navion This special breed of Navion is the Rangemaster, a redesign of the original canopy-model Navion. This later version fetures an enclosed cabin and added tip tanks for lots of fuel and very long range. This is owned and described by Rollie and Carol Zavada.
Fly-by In this quick video, you can get an idea of the sound and speed of this Navion, owned by Eric Rempert.
Antique aircraft museum Midwest Navioneers enjoy a tour of the antique aircraft museum at Bakesburg, Iowa during a fly-in.
Pumpkin drop During a Halloween fly-in at St. Charles, Missouri, Midwest Navioneers found out what a mess can be made when a B-25 drops a bombload of pumpkins.
Bihler flyby Following a Midwest Navioneers fly-in, Dick Bihler makes a fly by on his departure.

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